Houghs Hair Replacement & Hair Loss

One of the biggest issues that men and women face as they grow older is hair loss. Well Houghs Hair Replacement Systems & Hair Loss has the solution you are looking for.

  • What wouldn’t men give for a full head of natural hair, and women for luxurious, long, flowing locks?  While there are a plenty of solutions for hair replacement in the market, not many are all that effective, apart from being expensive to boot. Some require you to go through unproven alternative therapies, while others require you to go through the knife.

Hair Replacement

  • So, if you’re suffering from hair loss, and are unsure about where to go for your hair replacement, then perhaps you should consider Houghs Hair Replacement. Houghs Hair Replacement & Hair Loss has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the leading Hair Replacement specialists for Hair Loss in both men and women in the United Kingdom. Where Hough’s scores over its competitors is that the company specializes in non-invasive, non-surgical solutions to your hair loss problems, which are known as hair replacement systems.

What Houghs Hair Replacement Systems can do for men?

  • Well, if you’re a man, you would want to have the same full head of natural hair that you had when you were in your early twenties. Perhaps you are suffering from thinning hair, baldness, or losing hair so fast that it worries you deeply.
  • Houghs Hair Replacement Systems help you get exactly that. The great advantage it has over other companies that provide hair loss solutions? No surgery needed whatsoever. So there is absolutely no risk in getting your hair replacement done by Hough’s.
  • Hair replacement systems are full breathable skin-like membranes that have hair attached to them. This is then fitted to the area of baldness and integrated seamlessly with any existing hair. The result is simply astonishing, the hair looks perfectly natural, and not even somebody observing from a close range can make out the difference. It is completely undetectable from natural hair. You may even shower, play sports or swim with your new hair, and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to your lifestyle – only that it gets better!

Hair Replacement

  • So if you’re man who’s interested in getting a full head of natural hair, book your appointment with Hough’s. Imagine the great confidence that you’re likely to get with getting a hair full of natural hair, just as you used to when you were only 20! Have fun with your new hair style!

 Houghs Hair Replacement Systems offers the following:
1) FREE consultation –  where you’re welcome to ask any question that strikes you for charge whatsoever.
2) Measure and design – where measurements, hair density and style are decided
3) Fit and style – where the hair system fitted providing you with a full head of hair!

Hair Replacement

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What Houghs Hair Replacement Systems can do for women?

  • As a lady, you have no doubt always wanted glorious, luxuriant, flowing locks that make you the center of all attention, no matter where you are. It’s understandable how hard suffering from hair loss would be for you. Houghs Hair Replacement Systems provides  custom, cut and styled ladies wigs and systems.
  • Hough’s understands how sensitive women are about hair loss and works hard at providing its female clients with hair replacement systems that look natural, suiting you perfectly, and an exquisite final look and a great finish. The company provides wigs and systems belonging to every possible budget – whether it’s synthetic hair or custom made human hair.

Hair Replacement

  • By visiting Houghs Hair Replacement System you can get a wig for any reason, for any occasion. Whether it’s a fashion wig that you’re looking for, with different styles for different occasions, or a custom wig for hair loss caused due to chemotherapy and other medical reasons, you would do well to have a look at what Hough’s can do for you.
  • The company also offers something better than just an ‘out of the box’ service by customizing each wig, according to a cut and style that you desire. So, you are allowed to have the exact hair style that you always wanted, in any shade that you wanted, and any length that you always dreamed about.
  • Houghs Hair Replacement  provides complete bespoke made to measure ladies wigs where  exact measurements are made to make the base to your particular requirements.

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How to get to Houghs Hair Replacement?

Hough’s have their salon in Wolverhamptom, West Midlands, and it’s quite easy to get there no matter where you are in the United Kingdom. They have wide parking space available and you can easily get there from the main bus depot or the nearby train station with just a 5 minute walk.

You can watch the video here to get an impression of the process.

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