abnormal hormone levels

When you dealing with a receding hairline, most probably cause is that you have abnormal hormone levels. But there are other causes as well. Read on please:

When does receding hairline can occur:

• UNWANTED EFFECTS of medication
• Abnormal hormone levels
• Contamination of the scalp
• Physical uprooting of tresses because of poor head bands or gear
• Genetic reasons

Receding Hairline Treatment

Receding Hairline due to any specific reason such as medication, abnormal hormone levels or infection of scalp could be treated. Probably the most troublesome and the most frequent abnormal hormone levelsforms of baldness may be the common male/feminine baldness where the hair recedes across the temples and the forehead in the event of males and recedes in density around in the event of women. DHT results in shrinking of hair roots. This results in era of thinner and weaker strands of tresses that fall off rapidly.

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